Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility

Q:  What is a SCIF?

A:   A SCIF is defined as:   An accredited area, room, group of rooms, building or installation where Sensitive Compartmented Information (Classified or Sensitive Information) can be stored, used, discussed and or electronically processed.

Sensitive Information can be anything from a company's products to the intelligence shared between government agencies.  In order to discuss or process this information without fear of the information being stolen.  MJB Construction is the only Northern California company with experience in building a SCIF to the specifications of both your company and the current DOD standards.  

MJB Construction follows the Design Criteria based upon DCID 6/9 Manual and JAFAN 6/9 and each SCIF must be submitted to the CSA (Cognizant Security Authority) for approval and must be accredited by the SOIC (Senior Officials of the Intelligence Community).  MJB Construction also follows the TEMPEST Accreditation Guidelines as required.  

MJB Construction has experience with typical design standards, but is not limited to the following:

                STC 50 Doors
                        Permanent Drywall
                        Expanded Metal
                        Sound Attenuation Devices
                        Emergency Back Up Power Supply
                        Intrusion Detection System
SCIF's protect your company's property and information by creating secure areas that include construction of secure walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, duct work, electrical and Data Systems.  Each area is analyzed and designed to deter any intrusions or entry by unauthorized personnel by physical breach or via electronic devices such as cell phones, cameras, etc.  

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